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                    WRITINGS, etc. by Dianne Bilyak WHAT’S NEW


   SOLD OUT for October 13 @ 2 p.m.
Second date: October 27, at 6:00 p.m.
Written by: Dianne Bilyak
Starring: Mary Ann Walsh
Directed by: Sherri Eden Barber
SHOW PERFORMED at: Theater ROW 410 West 42nd St. NY, NY 10036
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    First, I want to thank Mary Ann and Sherri and for the dramturgy help from Lauren Dubowski & Ilya Khodosh. Vida Engstrand and Nancy Rose were the first to suggest that I write these stories and they read some very early drafts. Then, director Matt M. Morrow worked with me, dealt with my neurosis and need for therapeutic tangents, and helped me to develop many segments of this monologue--without him I would never have had the courage to move forward nor the knowledge on how to begin to dramatize the many pages of prose. There have been many other readers and supporters over the last five years and I am extremely grateful to them, as well. And finally I thank my mom for answering so many questions and letting me try out my comic timing on her and my sister, who continues to show me how to not take everything so damn seriously.